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Give us 15 minutes. We understand you’re busy and want to make the most of your time. You’ve spent some time reading through our site, now spend some time in a live conversation. We’ll strive to teach you something you didn’t know before and help you better serve your clients insurance needs.


Registered Reps, Investment Advisors, and Insurance Professionals who are seeking a brokerage relationship that is focused on research and client value. Core does not work directly with consumers.
Core is located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota near Minneapolis. 600 Highway 169 South, Suite 1425 St. Louis Park, MN 55426
Don’t hesitate to reach out! You can reach Core by phone, email, fax, or smoke signal. P: 800.541.7713 | E: | F: 763.592.7988


A commonly asked question, most of the insurance companies Core works with do not have internal wholesalers to reach out to you. We are compensated in the place of a company employee who may provide you with product advice. Core is free with no obligation to you, so why not give us a try?


Core works for you. We’re not owned or operated by an insurance company or private equity firm and represent a multitude of the top carriers in the industry. This allows us to be objective and impartial in our product search and case design.
Core’s independence allows us to have an unbiased viewpoint on products. We are not skewed by selecting one insurance company over another, instead we use math and analytics to come up with a solution designed for each individual client you present.


Absolutely. In fact, the number one reason why financial professionals choose to do business with Core is their direct access to our principal and head actuary Dan Slater. Dan spent 10 years in product development, developing variable, fixed, and indexed annuities for one of the largest insurance companies in the industry. His mission is to work with you to promote a better understanding and usage of today’s annuities.
Just like working with CPA’s, attorneys, or other professionals, actuaries provide knowledge often overlooked by financial professional and consumers. Insurance companies hire hundreds of actuaries to mitigate risk, make statistical predictions, and develop plans, why not put one on your side of the table?


Core seeks to help you learn the why, not just the what, when it comes to insurance products. We’re here to help you learn and understand the inner workings of the industry’s leading solutions.
You’ve heard the proverb, give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. We want to help you grow as a financial professional. Being informed on the inner workings of the industry’s leading products will help you optimize the value your clients receive.
Try us out! Core typically hosts 3-4 webinars weekly on a variety of topics. Core also hosts a variety of 1-2 day classroom style education programs. Ask us about upcoming dates. Core also offers one on one education delivered anytime via a desktop share. If you are interested in exploring Core further, I would suggest you reach out to schedule 15 minutes with one of our founders.


Being analytics focused means that we’re able to cut through the hype and marketing around a product and analyze it objectively and mathematically. We focus on the core offerings of a product and how it measures up against other alternatives in the industry. Using a proprietary set of tools, Core can help you analyze your client’s situation, from the basic to the advanced.


Simply put: we’re here to help. When one of our phones ring, they ALL ring. Within 15 seconds of dialing our number, you will be speaking with a live human being. We don’t spend our time tied up in internal meetings, our mission is to serve you and your clients.


Absolutely, Core has developed a proprietary process for analyzing in-force annuity and life insurance contracts. We’d love to tell you more about this as we feel it is one of our strongest value adds. Whether we are helping optimize the value of the current contract or making a recommendation for a new solution, we will provide you with the math and full explanation justifying the recommendation.


We’d love to join you on a desktop share to walk through the analytic tools developed to help express advanced concepts in an understandable manner. These include: Longevity Calculator, IRR Calculator, Inflation Impact Calculator, Product Survey Tools, and Withdrawal Comparison Calculator.


Core’s experience lies in the Annuity, Life Insurance, and Long Term Care markets.


You won’t sit on hold or talk to a computer. When one of our phones ring, they all ring. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, email, or smoke signal for whatever reason. We’re happily nestled in Minnetonka, MN near Minneapolis.


P 800.541.7713


F 763.592.7988

600 Highway 169 South, Suite 1425

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