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Unlike many webinars you encounter, ours are not designed to throw products at you. Our topic-specific webinars help you discover better ways to help your clients achieve their goals. By attending, you will be up to speed on the most valuable concepts and products around the industry with a very short time commitment.

Educational Library

Check out the resources below to ensure you have all the information you need to run your business successfully.

The Retirement Apocalypse: 4 Risks You Can’t Ignore

Learn the causes and solutions to the four major risks threatening your client’s own retirement apocalypse.

Actuarial Analysis: Return on Income Riders

Learn the actuarial methods for finding and evaluating the best income riders on the market.

The Moving Parts of Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance

Learn the mechanics of FIUL and receive a FREE copy of our turn-key client FIUL presentation.

Actuarial Analysis: FIAs vs. IVAs

Take an actuarial view on the pricing and potential of both fixed index and index variable annuities.

Core Life: Small Business Continuation Strategies

Learn life insurance strategies to accomplish proper business continuation as well as retain and reward key employees. Also, receive a FREE case study ebook.

Healthcare in Retirement: The Value of LTC Risk Planning

Learn how to leverage the Pension Protection Act to offer your clients unlimited benefits, guarantee your premiums, and eliminate the “use it or lose it” concern.

Tax Advantage Wealth Transfer

Whether your client has cash sitting on the sidelines, an existing annuity with built up gains or they’re just a tax-conscious client– learn more about proprietary tax-efficient solutions.

Maximizing LTC Tax Deductions

Join Hybrid LTC expert Chris Foley in a discussion around how individuals and businesses can utilize tax deductions to their advantage as it relates to Hybrid LTC products.

Volatility Control Indexes, Explained

Are index annuities too complicated? Many index products today have introduced volatility control indexes, but have done a very poor job of explaining exactly what that means. Learn the ins-and-outs in this webinar.

Selling Accumulation Focused Annuities

This webinar discusses critical factors involved with examining & exploring which annuity products may provide the best value for your clients. Receive a FREE Annuity Due Diligence Checklist.

The Business Builder Series

Learn how to accelerate your practice growth with author and top financial industry business consultant Norm Trainor, CEO of The Covenant Group.

Kai-Zen Fundamentals

Dive into the ins and outs of Kai-Zen. Our guest speaker Grace Barnard, President & co-founder of NIW, will explain how this strategy can benefit business owners, employees, doctors, executives, and other highly-compensated professionals.

GUL: No Longer Just ‘Term Insurance to Age 100’

Join us for this webinar that focuses on positioning protection-focused life solutions that empower your clients with options if they become ill, no longer need coverage, or need additional retirement income.

Visit us in person at Insurance Intel.

Come spend two days in our home office doing a deep dive into annuities, life insurance and LTC, leaving with new ideas and opportunities to help you improve your clients’ financial strategies.