Proprietary Tools

We offer personalized case design and review using a variety of tools that you can’t find anywhere else.

Longevity Tables

Longevity is the foundation for insurance products. Insurance companies design their products with longevity tables and tools to cover the variance between clients. We use the exact same longevity tables to help you evaluate your clients’ potential longevity.

Internal Rate of Return

Have you ever stopped to wonder what some of the features on an insurance contract are actually worth? We can help you evaluate the value of an existing contract or an additional purchase, which helps with sound decision making when trying to determine what amount to allocate to annuities versus other assets.

Drawdown Compare

The value of an annuity is in lifetime income. At the same time, general financial planning says you can produce withdrawals that last a lifetime out of a portfolio by sticking to a withdrawal rate of four percent. What do I need to earn on my portfolio to produce the same income an annuity can guarantee?

Income Rider Calculator

See the entire market for a specific client in one location through our Income Rider Calculator. This is truly one of the best tools in the industry for scanning living benefit riders, MYGAs and indexed annuities.

SPIA and DIA Calculator

If you are going to use a product that is fully guaranteed, why not pick the one that has the best comprehensive offering? Our SPIA and DIA calculator is designed to screen all immediate and deferred income annuities.


Today’s hybrid long-term care products generally offer three benefits: 1) benefits for long-term care should you Live to need them, 2) benefits for your heirs should you Die, and 3) benefits for you should you choose to Quit the policy. We find the Live, Die, Quit conversation can simplify the clients’ thought process and decision making as it relates to long-term care.